Some U.S. Visas have significantly furthered the U.S. national interests

U.S. Visas have furthered the U.S. national interests
Written by: Taher Kameli, Esq.

Immigration is one of the hot topics nowadays with Trump’s administration instituting a zero tolerance policy on immigration issues. The anti-immigration approach helped put him in the White House, some allege. Despite Donald Trump’s false belief that the current immigration system has undermined the national interests of the country and thus, merits comprehensive reform, extensive research and literature prove otherwise. U.S. visas such as the J-1 (as a non-immigrant visa), EB-1, EB-2 NIW, and EB-5 visas have all been beneficial to the United States. A number of benefits offered by some U.S. immigrant and non-immigrant visas have been depicted below.

Alleviation of Specialist Shortage

It has been documented that the United States faces a severe shortage of Physicians and Dentists (among others) and this shortfall of medical professionals is expected to increase, fueled by population growth, an increase in the number of aging Americans, and the retirement of Physicians and Dentists. It has been through means such as the J-1, EB-1, and EB-2 NIW visas that some states, like Nevada ranking extremely low with regard to the number of practicing Physicians, have attempted to address the shortage issue.

Although the J-1 visa has been classified as a non-immigrant visa and foreign professionals seeking medical training in the U.S. mainly have to return to their home countries for a period of two years after the completion of the program, the J-1 visa waiver option facilitates their stay in the U.S. and they can therefore serve for at least  3 years in the Health Professional Shortage Area benefiting the national interests of the United States. However, some requirements including unsuccessful efforts to recruit an American Physician should be satisfied.

Boosting the U.S. Economy

Immigrant visas such as the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program have made significant contributions to the U.S. economy through the infusion of capital (at least $500,000 per investor) into the U.S. economy and job creation. Highly skilled professionals admitted to the U.S. are also a blessing to the U.S. economy rather than a curse by bringing talent and expertise.

Contribution to Innovation

Highly educated immigrants have been of central importance to American innovation. One-quarter of the U.S.-based Nobel laureates of the last 50 years were foreign-born, and highly educated immigrants account for about one-third of U.S. innovation. Thus, in spite of the prevalent skepticism towards immigration, it has actually proven to be beneficial to the U.S. national interests.

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