EB-5 Immigrant Visa


The EB-5 immigrant investor program is a program through which those who have made a certain amount of investment and have created jobs by the means of investment can obtain a U.S. green card and reside in the United States.


The EB-5 immigrant investor category commonly known as the EB-5 program is a program through which individuals can obtain U.S. green cards by means of investment.

Three crucial requirements should be met for an individual to acquire a green card through investment:


A certain amount should be invested.


Investment should create a certain number of jobs.


Investment should be at risk.

Under the current law, the required amount of investment is $800,000. The investment amount necessary for the EB-5 program depends on the location where investment is made.

10 full-time job positions should be created at minimum for an investment to fulfill the EB-5 program’s requirements. 10 Full-time positions are job positions calculated by the minimum requirement of 35 hours of work per week. Combining part-time positions will not qualify as full-time positions.

An individual applying for a green card through this program may enter the United States approximately 4 years after applying and will receive a conditional green card. Investors are required to apply for a permanent green card after two years of entry into the United States. No difference exists between the conditional and permanent green card in terms of their application and the issue as to whether the investor has spent the required amount of time for U.S. citizenship would be counted from the date he/she receives a conditional green card.

EB-5 program is feasible through two main methods:

Regional centers

Regional centers

Regional centers are companies which are authorized to develop a specific area. These companies aggregate investors’ funds and allocate them to their projects. Should investors manage to acquire a permanent green card, these companies will return investors’ investment funds in cash or by offering them share ownership in the company, an issue which hinges on the terms of the agreement.

Direct investment

Direct investment

method, investors launch a business, whether alone or together with fellow-investors and will thrive to comply with the EB-5 requirements including investment of sufficient funds and creation of required job positions. Individuals initially transfer their funds to their business account in the United States and thereafter, the investment capital will be devoted to their own business.

Required minimum investments:

The minimum qualifying investment in the United States is $1,050,000 million or $800,000 (TEA).

Targeted Employment Area (High Unemployment or Rural Area). The minimum qualifying investment either within a high-unemployment area or rural area in the United States is $800,000. A targeted employment area is an area that, at the time of investment, is a rural area or an area experiencing unemployment of at least 150 percent of the national average rate.

A rural area: is any area outside a metropolitan statistical area (as designated by the Office of Management and Budget) or outside the boundary of any city or town having a population of 20,000 or more according to the decennial census.


Participation in the EB-5 program necessitates investing a significant amount of capital. Therefore, you would need to have an experienced and committed team’s support by your side. 

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