About us

About Us

The Kameli Law is an immigration law firm with over 20 years of experience. Our lawyers have helped many dreams come true. We have significant experience and a proven track record of immigration success, primarily focusing on EB-1, EB-2, EB-5, L-1, and E-2 Visa. The firm also handles naturalization, citizenship and advises clients on a vast array of legal matters.

We have a staff of highly skilled lawyers specializing in these different directions, which allows our law firm to provide a wide range of services for the clients’ benefit. We speak English, Spanish, Farsi, Chinese, Russian, and Greek to serve your personal needs better. The Kameli Law is committed to offering the highest quality representation to our clients while providing cost-effective and pragmatic advice and counsel.


Our experienced attorneys and personnel are known for the quality relationships they establish with our clients, which, in turn, allows us to understand and meet their goals and objectives more fully. Our ability to meet and exceed our clients’ goals has resulted in numerous referrals. 

We always welcome new clients and strive to provide them with the exact diligent, aggressive, yet cost-efficient representation we have been offering for over two decades.

Contact us at info@kameli.com or (312) 233-1000 to take advantage of our services.

Our History

The Kameli Law has been honored to serve thousands of clients who have needed efficient and reliable legal services for over 22 years. Our law firm has facilitated the investment of over one hundred million dollars in the US through the EB-5 program, has successfully represented clients in all aspects of immigration law.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed clients’ expectations with the highest quality legal representation at an affordable cost and in a timely manner. Our purpose is to smooth the path for immigration to the United States. Our process is to keep ethical standards at the forefront, preserve clients’ rights and interests, and find the best solutions to complex legal issues.


Our Strategy

We relentlessly strive for excellence and justice every step of the way. To this aim, our attorneys are committed to providing client-oriented and individualized services emphasizing client satisfaction. Prioritizing clients’ interests and treating them with compassion, courtesy and patience only set our minds at rest.

Our Vision

To continue delivering trustworthy, cost-effective, time-efficient, and result-oriented legal services our clients truly deserve. We look ahead to the future, having these essential values in mind.

Learn with us

We have always believed that learning the principles of anything serves as the first step. Therefore, we have allocated some budget to educating our fellow countrymen about all immigration issues. The wide array of our educational programs are accessible through satellite networks. The programs’ archive is also available on various social media. Dr. Taher Kameli’s immigration classes are among the most important programs which can be watched through:


At Kameli Law, we take pride in our work, and our tradition of excellence has long been a factor in attracting the best and brightest legal talent to our law firm.

Taher Kameli
Taher Kameli

Principal Attorney

Steven Burke
Steven Burke

Associate Attorney

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