Trump Administration Intends to End Use Of In-Person Interpreters At Certain Immigration Hearings

End-Use Of In-Person Interpreters At Immigration Hearings

Written by: Taher Kameli, Esq.  At one time, the famous words associated with the Statue of Liberty – “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” – truly exemplified the attitude of the US government toward immigration.  However, under the Trump administration, these words would appear to describe the immigration policies of another country, as the Trump administration takes action on a regular basis to restrict the rights of immigrants. This point was evidenced again by the news that the Trump administration intends to end the use

Ruling By AG Barr Means More Asylum Seekers Will Be Detained Without Bond While Waiting Cases To Be Heard

Asylum Seekers Detained Without Bond While Waiting Cases

Written by: Taher Kameli, Esq. The Attorney General has the power to “certify” (review) and overturn prior rulings by immigration courts.  Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions used this authority with respect to a number of immigration court decisions, and apparently, new Attorney General William Barr will be doing the same.  On April 16, Attorney General Barr announced that a 2005 immigration court decision (Matter of X-K-) “was wrongly decided” and issued a ruling that will result in more asylum seekers being detained without bond while waiting for their cases to be heard.

American Bar Association Proposes Major Overhaul of U.S. Immigration System

American Bar Association Major Overhaul of U.S. Immigration

Written by: Taher Kameli, Esq. Would it surprise you if someone said that there are issues with immigration in the United States?  Probably not, but when the US immigration system is criticized in strong words by one of our leading lawyer associations, you probably should take notice.  Thus, a March 2019 American Bar Association (ABA) report proposing a major overhaul of the US immigration system deserves our attention. The ABA report, entitled “REFORMING THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM Proposals to Promote Independence, Fairness, Efficiency, and Professionalism in the Adjudication of Removal Cases”, is an update to a similar report issued by the ABA in

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