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We have always been of the opinion that obtaining knowledge about the principles of anything serves as the first step. The EB-5 program is no exception in this regard. Hence, we invite you to visit the EB-5 websites whose list has been provided below and consequently, decide in light of the acquired information. You can also benefit from Dr. Kameli’s educational videos found on its relevant page. The most reliable data and entities pertaining to the EB-5 program are introduced on this page.

Governmental Entities Related to the EB-5 Program

Department of Homeland Security

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services which is primarily responsible for reviewing the green card applications is a component of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s website is:


EB-5 immigration applications are initially submitted to the USCIS.
The USCIS’s website is accessible at:

Department of State

The U.S. Consulates which issue U.S. visas are a part of the Department of State. The Department of State’s website is as follows:

EB-5 Websites

USCIS processing time in connection to the EB-5 applications

The USCIS constantly updates the status of the EB-5 applications which could be viewed at:(

If you choose the “IPO Processing Dates” on the menu, you will be directed to the EB-5 applications page.

This table shows what applications are under review by the USCIS. For instance, this table which has been updated on April 30, 2017 illustrates that the USCIS is currently adjudicating applications received before October 1, 2015.

This implies that applications filed on, for instance, December 2015 have not been reviewed by the USCIS.

USCIS Explanation of the EB-5 Law

The USCIS has elucidated the EB-5 program and the explanation is available at:

EB-5 Program Implementation by the USCIS

The details as to how the USCIS implements the EB-5 program is included in the USCIS’s Policy Manual available at:


Form I-526 completed by an attorney and submitted to the USCIS along with the investor’s documents is accessible at:

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